My beautiful Gothic Glam Bride…We loved her!!!

Hair Design by Mindy Whalen
A one of a kind bride that we fell in love with.. so beautiful!

A sultry gothic look designed for a special bride.

Dawn was one of our favorite brides this year! Dawn once served in the military, and we wanted to do everything to make her day a lasting memory. She was  open to our creative ideas and also gave us the direction we needed! We wanted to create a gothic glam look for her that was still feminine, and sultry, yet bridal. Her fiance loves her pale skin, and admires gothic beauty.  Actually he admires her in any style, or fashion, but she did ask his opinion. So he said to go in the gothic glam direction, but not too overdone. She was beautiful without any makeup on her face. A small framed bride, with transluscent skin, and beautiful almond shaped brown eyes. I was so excited to dive into the possibilities with makeup and I knew Mindy could not wait to create a roaring twenties look, with a modern twist. Ok so we fell in love with her!  She gave us some direction and said, ” I trust you”.  Music to our ears, and then the magic happened. The colors flowed, her black ink tattoos were perfect. Humming birds, I LOVE HUMMING BIRDS!!!!!!!!! I was so excited I brought my camera, and I took all of these images. Can you believe it? I have been dabbling in some photography for fun, and this is what I created! Every bride is unique, and embraces a certain style. Dawn, was my little Gothic beauty and I will never forget her! Mindy and I are still talking about her birdcage veil… we want it!

A beauty in a class of its own

 Makeup By Nicole Palermo

Bridal Hair by Mindy Whalen
Makeup Colors by MAC Cosmetics