Victoria Secret Styled Boudoir Shoot

An Amazing day with such a beautiful spirit! This boudoir shoot was designed, to represent all feminine soft things! Lace, silk, pastel rose petals, and bubbly! Every woman loves Victoria Secret, all of the beautiful treasures and finds, that make us feel like women. So of course whenever I book a boudoir client, I know they will arrive a little bit nervous, and with 2-3 Victoria Secret bags in their hands. I wanted this Boudoir shoot to be soft, and feel fresh! I am so excited to have worked with such a sweet and beautiful person.  “We are all of us Stars and we Deserve to twinkle” Marilyn Monroe


The ever so Lovely Ms. K. There is nothing more beautiful than Simplistic beauty. The woman that arrives, without any makeup, and she is already glowing. Nicole Palermo Boudoir Photography/Makeup/Wardrobe Styling/Nicole Nadeau Master Boudoir Stylist/ Vintage styled VICTORIA  Secret Photo-Shoot/Rusy Love VIntage Rentals Studded Design Chair

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