A BOUDOIR Dream come true


The ever so Beautiful Ms. N. Featured in her very own PInup Shoot, Eyes are the window to the soul. Nicole Palermo Boudoir Photography, wardrobe styling, makeup/Nicole Nadeau Master Boudoir Stylist

Well this year I finally did it! I started a Boudoir Photography business, and I jumped in feet first. Not an easy task but ladies I was ready! About 6 years ago, I noticed all of my bridal clients, and makeup clients asking me about Boudoir. They would look in the mirror after I did their makeup, and say ” Wow this makeup is sexy!” Then the questions would follow. ” Do I know any photographers that do Boudoir? Bridal Boudoir? or sultry photo-shoots. Some of my clients wanted to create a book as an engagement gift, or if they were already married they would ask what I thought about doing their makeup.. for a shoot, so they could surprise their husband’s with a boudoir gift. An anniversary present if you will!
All of these questions, made me start to think about, this more as a business venture. I was already doing makeup, and wardrobe styling for many of my creative shoots and magazine shoots. I thought to myself, this would make an amazing business to add to my current business of working with women throughout the year, for their weddings!
So, I called on a dear friend of mine Evan Bishop who was a photographer at the time, and a damn good one at that, to see if he would partner  with me! When he said yes, I was so ready to start the creative process. He is so talented, and I knew together we would take the Art of Boudoir Photography by storm. The business grew fairly quickly. One happy client led to 3 more clients for bookings. Evan ran a successful, thriving wedding business, and we had brides booking, friends, and many referrals.During all of our photo-shoots, I was creating the looks by doing makeup, and Boudoir wardrobe styling. In the beginning I was posing all of our models and soon he was doing the same, and sometimes better than myself. Which always made us laugh, hard!!! We made a great team.  It was such an amazing learning experience. I was also learning Photography techniques by Evan and I was in awe of his techniques and vision! He taught me that simplicity can be beautiful.  Remember, I am a makeup artist, so glitter, and rainbow colors basically are my language!

Now for the curve ball, I introduced him to one of my best friends Kristy Dillon, and to say it was instant chemistry is an understatement so basically they fell in love and moved to California to get married and follow their dreams.  Talk about two buttons at once being hit: Happy and Pure Panic. I started to think, how am I going to run a Boudoir business without Evan. So for a few years, I hired the photographers for our shoots, and worked with so many talented photographers and wedding industry friends.Partnering up with such talent, and learning new techniques.  I also picked up the camera and started learning myself, creating my very own style!
I loved it so much, I never put the camera down. The next step was to jump in, leaving fear behind! Well it’s not that far behind. Learning a new craft can be a little overwhelming at times.  I truly didn’t know, if I could juggle doing the makeup, hair, styling, posing and photography, oh and yes editing! Lovely editing and my new friend PHOTO-SHOP. So I took a deep breath, had some amazing advice given to me by the pros that were also dear friend’s of mine, and decided to tackle my love for Boudoir Photography! I partnered up with one of my Best friends Nicole Nadeau, Hair stylist Extraordinaire and decided the time was NOW!
Dreams do come true, as long as you are willing to take the risk, and create change in your life! I am now booking 1-2 photo-shoots a week, and I couldn’t feel more fulfilled. While Nicole N is creating sultry Victoria Secret Runway worthy styles, I am perfecting my new found art: Boudoir Photography/Posing and styling! I am in heaven!!!!!!!!So this is how it all started, and I am so excited to share with you my work and how this simple little Photo-shoot can make you feel like a new woman!!!!!!!!

CREDITS for Image: Makeup by Nicole Palermo & Boudoir Photography Pinup Hair Design by Boudoir partner Nicole Nadeau/My lovely Pinup Client Nadija

Nicole Palermo
Happily Ever After LLC.
Boudoir Photography

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