Pre-Teen Beauty: Timeless and Natural..there is a way!

There is nothing more precious than watching our children grow and learn about life. It is not easy, because there are times we want to freeze everything, so that they can stay little. Now if you have little girls, it can be even more difficult when they hit the pre-teen years, like my daughter. Being a makeu-up artist, and having her watch me since the age of two, create beautiful looks for people, she of course loves make-up. I knew she would! So, I knew she would come to me a bit early, wanting to wear make-up! Now this is a personal choice for each parent, but I have come up with the pre-teen look, that works for me! I hope this helps, all the mom’s that have little girls that are changing before their very eyes, LIKE OMG!!!!!! The way they carry themselves, interact with friends, music they like, and of course fashion!
So here is what I devised for the pre-teen. This look will work for 10yr-14yr, and then you can get re-discuss at 15 or just send your daughters to me! I will teach them everything they need to know about soft, pretty make-up that compliments.
Our girls even at a young age need to learn about protecting their skin and nourishing it every day! So, keep it simple.
Step 1: cleanser morning and night Cetaphil is very gentle!
Step 2: Moisturize, I of course have all natural products that Livvy uses from my porcelain beauties line..but I also love Eucerin

Make-up time!
Ok ladies, there is no need for blush, however sparkle powders and shimmer powders are gorgeous! They can be found anywhere and come in an array of colors. Golds for the summer and I love Silver for the fall and winter. This looks so pretty dusted on cheeks, and arms.
Even though it does not add color it does add a glow! Fresh and beautiful for our young pre-teens. I use this for all of m flower girls!

This can be a testy area..and one that our girls will test us on! So be ready to make some rules and Guidelines:
No black mascara
NO dark colors!
NO eye liner
Pastels and shadows that have shimmer, in all soft colors! Cashmere/skin-tone shades, soft spring colors: Pinks, blues(very soft)lavenders, and silvers. Very pretty for that soft eye!
Just take a shadow brush, and gently stroke the color onto the lid. Then you can take the brush and go up towards the brow. The color will mainly be on the lid and the rest is just a touch of shimmer.
Clear MASCARA: This will make your little girl so happy, and she will feel like a teen but still look like your litte one! Clear mascara can be bought anywhere from any line. I love this because it conditions the lashes, protects them from the sun and your daughters will love the look. Natural and just a step for them to feel even more special!

Keep it soft. Gloss and light lipsticks: Burt’s bees lip shimmers, lip balms, and pastels.
The most important RULE: If I see it..or notice the make-up too much, that means DAD will really notice and ALL BETS are OFF! This will teach them to blend..or rights are revoked! Make-up can be too harsh for our pre-teens and they have to learn to blend, and do it correctly or not at all!

Here are the Make up lines that WE LOVE!!!!! Your purse will too!
$1 and up.
Elf cosmetics www.eyeslipsface.comWet-n-wild it is still arround and I love it! Target, rite-aid, walgreens!
Burt’s bees: So natural and so pure. colors are soft and pretty! rite-aid, CVS, walmart
Eco tools brushes: Ulta stores and Wal-mart/ Target
Sonia Kashuk brushes: Target I LOVE THESE BRUSHES as good as MAC.

Most IMPORTANT: I do not think pre-teens or teens NEED make-up. They are beautiful, and natural, with a healthy glow that comes from being young and active. However, each parent is different and will create their own guidelines. As a make-up artist I have taught my daughter about art, and embracing creativity from the tender age of two! So I allow her to be herself, and to grow, with the right tools. I am happy that I can teach her the art of make-up and how to enjoy it and not OVERDO IT!
Good luck.. let me know if you need any help.

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