Time to get rid of baggage! Under your eyes of course…

I love Etsy and so will you! This product is amazing!

Time to get rid of puffy eyes...

I love this cost effective eye product! The special blend of precious and essential oils work together with anti-inflammatory properties to drain the under eye area and eyelids, naturally and gently. Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles when used consistently. This product is .15 oz and ONLY $5.00 on ETSY! SOOTHE Eye Depuffer Balm Use AM and PM or any time needed. Also great on temples when you have a headache now with argan oil and certified organic ingredients non-comedogenic. My clients love this and I use this every night and morning. It smells so good, and feels so luxurious! I just can’t believe the cost. I love supporting other women in their business ventures, and I can’t wait to try all of Rhonda’s products! Even though I have my own skin-care and body-care line, I love to try new products. Your skin reacts well when you change things up every 6 mos. Even if you try one new product, every few months, you will see a nice change. This products is amazing for anyone who is tired, run-down, a little stressed, or struggling with changes around the eyes. hmmmmm every woman in America! Good luck and let me know how it works out for you!
http://www.etsy.com/ Just search for Erzulie Cosmetics under Handmade or the store option. Check out her store! Her prices are great!

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