Most Amazing Product Ever! Bio Oil

Okay Ladies!

My very first product that I am elated to tell you about! You are going to love this Oil…and the results that you will see when you start using this. I LOVE IT! Now I first heard about Bio Oil from a dear friend of mine Jill Gately:  She is amazing and her skin is beautiful!!!!! We had just completed a Mommy and me Photo-shoot and Boudoir Marathon. 17 clients from Friday-Sunday. After we completed our Saturday..we both fell into bed. I was so tired I could not even talk. The bed at the Marriott Waterfront, what a dream, so comfortable! The funny thing was there was this little light over the bed for reading. I don’t know why this cracked me up, but I put it as a spotlight on my be funny. I look over and Jill is cracking up, but the thing I noticed is her skin. She has the best flipping skin I have ever seen. I mean that should have been the last thing on my mind after a 12 hour day. But her pores looked so damn good and her skin had a glow to it. So this is how I first heard of the product. She lives by it and told me I have to try it.

I ran out to CVS, and bought this right away. This oil is for Scars, stretch marks, uneven skin-tone, ageing skin, and dehydrated skin. You are supposed to try it twice a day for three months. You can read all about the ingredients at  The bottle is 2oz, and the product smells amazing, almost like the beach. Fresh and crisp! The reason it is so special it contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil.   This ingredient acts as a delivery system for Bio-Oil’s other ingredients, dramatically improving its application and spreadability, and allowing for targeted absorption into the skin. The results for me have been amazing! My skin feels soft, I have that Jill Gately glow, my skin-tone is more even, it has helped with the rosacea I get around my nose, and I feel like my pores are smaller. I believe it is less than $20 at CVS. I  will be posting more products this weekend and their results! Good luck and Stay Beautiful! I am off to do weddings now!

Hello Beautiful ladies! Are you ready for some Beauty Buzz?

I am so excited to start a beauty BLOG!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to discuss with you all of the amazing products that I love and great finds. Over the last few months I have tested out so many new Skin and Spa Body products. It is not all about the fancy little packaging anymore! You are not going to believe what I have found and the prices are going to have you flying out to SHOP SHOP SHOP! Once I learn this blogging process, I promise to post everything!